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Exploring the History of Beads

Trends in fashion, jewelry and even art come and go, but beads have been a part of nearly every trend since the dawn of time. While the specific styles change and evolve with the passing years, the materials used to make various items remain largely the same. You may not have ever given much thought to the collection of beads you use in your crafting endeavors, but what you might think of as a simple crafting supply is actually one of the oldest art forms in existence. In fact, beads might be the oldest art form.  Pretty amazing, right?  The history of beads is not completely understood. Many experts believe that humans have been making and using various types of them for 100,000 years (or longer)....

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What Are Stress Relief Beads & How Do They Work?

During challenging times, it is natural to seek ways to keep stress and anxiety at bay. While things like going for a walk, relaxing in a warm bubble bath, and chatting with a good friend are all associated with lowering stress levels, they certainly are not the only things that people can do to make themselves feel better. With everything that is currently happening in our world, you may find that engaging in craft projects is an excellent way to take your mind off things. You may have also heard of “stress relief beads” and perhaps wondered what they were, how they work, and how you can use them. For centuries, people have found solace in wearing and working with beads. Keep...

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The Benefits of Wearing Natural Elements

Beads are among Africa's most important and intruiging symbols. They have the largest variety of materials from glass to bone. The way that the beads are worn and the types of beads that are worn represents a perspective or sense of self by the wearer. Since it is believed to have an energy or purpose the African bead is considered an effective healing tool. As an African Jewelry Designer for many years I have had many customers come back and share some of their experiences while wearing the jewelry. Some of them have shared healing moments that occured while wearing my work. If we can think about how a crystal or stone is a natural element and compare it to...

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