What Are Stress Relief Beads & How Do They Work?

During challenging times, it is natural to seek ways to keep stress and anxiety at bay. While things like going for a walk, relaxing in a warm bubble bath, and chatting with a good friend are all associated with lowering stress levels, they certainly are not the only things that people can do to make themselves feel better.

With everything that is currently happening in our world, you may find that engaging in craft projects is an excellent way to take your mind off things. You may have also heard of “stress relief beads” and perhaps wondered what they were, how they work, and how you can use them.

For centuries, people have found solace in wearing and working with beads. Keep reading to learn a bit more about what stress relief beads are and how they work.

What Are Stress Relief Beads?

Stress relief beads can be different things in different cultures. Mala beads, for example, are associated with peace and positive intentions in several Eastern religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. They are used during meditation and religious practices and, for many people, promote a sense of peace.

Rosary beads are more common in the Western world. Used by many Catholics during prayer, they also promote feelings of peace and calm.

In order cultures, beads made from certain natural gemstones are believed to reduce stress and anxiety. Nearly all precious and semi-precious gemstones are thought to have unique metaphysical healing properties. There are several stones that are said to ease stress, including amethyst, sodalite, and amazonite.

How Do They Work?

The physical act of handling objects has been scientifically proven to lower stress. While specific types of stress relief beads, such as Mala beads and rosary beads, are linked to certain religions, beads, in general, can be used to alleviate feelings of anxiety. By simply focusing on how the beads feel in your hands, you can take your mind off of what is bothering you and experience a heightened sense of calm. In religious practices, focusing your attention on a physical object – like a string of beads – can make it easier to experience the full benefits of prayer or meditation.

Beads can help you overcome stress even if you are not religious, though. Working on crafts is a powerful stress-relief tool, and beading seems to be especially beneficial. When you are stringing beads onto a necklace or bracelet or working on a complex beaded design, it’s easy to let go of your worries and focus solely on your craft.

Using beads to make jewelry is rewarding, too. Giving your creations as gifts provides the sense of satisfaction that comes from doing something nice for someone else. Selling the jewelry you make, on the other hand, can give you a sense of purpose and help you overcome financial worries.

Relieving Your Stress with Beads

If current circumstances have you feeling stressed out or anxious, you certainly are not alone. In the midst of a global pandemic and ever-changing guidelines, orders, and restrictions, it’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed and in need of some relief. If you would like to try using beads to work through your stress, there are several ways to do so.

Whether you use rosary or Mala beads in prayer or meditation or you prefer the stress relief that comes from designing and creating your own jewelry, there is no wrong way to use beads to lower your stress.

If you’re thinking about making your own jewelry, start by stocking up on some wholesale gemstone beads. Choose colors, shapes, and sizes that appeal to you personally, or stick to stones that are thought to have anxiety-reducing properties. What matters most is working with beads that make you feel good. Whether you believe in the purported metaphysical properties and find that you feel better when you are in close proximity to amethyst or other stones that are thought to promote peace or you just know that the color pink makes you happy, it’s all about choosing the materials that work for you personally.

The Bottom Line

Stress relief beads have existed in various forms for thousands of years. They have been a part of numerous cultures and religions, and there is also evidence that suggests simply handling beads can promote feelings of peace. Whether you find calm when praying or meditating with beads or simply enjoy the stress relief that comes from making jewelry, beads can help you work through difficult emotions.