About Us

Audaciously African is a small black-owned business that designs and creates handmade statement African jewelry featuring unique beads and natural elements from all around Africa. Most of our designs include recycled glass beads which are hand crafted by local artisans using old techniques and tools for production. The slight differences add to the beauty and aesthetics of each piece.

Disposed glass bottles, jars, windows, scrap glass are collected, washed, and then crushed into fine powder. Various clay moulds are made for the beads and the heated powder is poured into the moulds to form various patterns, shapes, and colors. A leaf stem (cassava) is then placed as a marker for the hole, which burns away during the firing that takes place in clay kilns or ovens made from termite clay until the glass fuses. Once the glass has annealed the beads are separated to be washed or polished by rubbing them forcefully with sand and water on a smooth stone. Painted beads are decorated with a paste made from the glass colored glass powder and then applied with a thin wooden stick. Afterwards they are fired again. This technique has been used in Africa for centuries, and dates back to when these recycled beads were also used as currency.

Today we are honored to work with these beads and strongly believe it is a wonderful way to appreciate history, as well as sustain and provide support to our beloved family in Africa. Our beautiful and bold pieces are produced from these colorful variety of beads and materials readily available in the environment.

Each of our designs are well thought out with the bold self-expressions of Kings and Queens at the forefront of our minds. It is our desire that you find pieces you absolutely love and will help you assist in putting the finishing touches on your own personal style!